We are pride of ourselves and work daily to ensure that quality, reliability, and responsibility are not just the values we believe in, but are also the defining elements of the products and services we offer to our customers.

The critical point of our interest is everything what contributes to deliver outstanding satisfaction to each party whether they are a supplier, customer or service provider. We especially value and give priority to long term contracts.

In order to guarantee low costs, rapid turnover and the highest possible yields, at METOILEX we use cutting-edge instruments on every task that have a deal with. Our customers have access to updated trading market conditions, benefit from the competitive executions of trading orders and a wide range of financial services.

It is our policy to provide all services in-house with the transparent calculation of costs. Therefore, the price normally includes the costs of production, handling, and any other specified services. We are continuously giving our best to be the reference point to our worldwide clients.